Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC®

Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC®
Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC® schema
Tecnical Data
  • Motor: 2 pole - 2800RPM
  • Power: KW 3 - HP 4
  • Volt: 230 / 400 HZ-50/60
  • Absorption: A. 11 / 6,3
  • Impeller: Ø 360 aluminium open radial blades
  • Weight: 70 Kg
Suction Data
  • Pressure: 200 mmH20 - 1961 Pa
  • Air Speed: 32 m/s
  • Flowrate: 4100 m3/h
  • Noise: 88 dB
  • Two inlets Ø 150 
  • Switch 
  • Two cartridge filters to be chosen between 4 options, different for filtration class:
  • inlets Ø 120-200
  • semi-automated cleaning system for cartridge filter 
  • swivelling wheels 

All models must be equipped with filters with different efficiency**, according to the production needs and the required levels of purification of the air returned to the environment:
** filter cost is calculated based on the type chosen

  • Filter H, absolute filtration, made of polyester and Teflon, complies with the European regulations on air purification in the working environment
  • Filter M Antistatic, excellent filtration, aluminized polyester washable with water
  • Filter M, excellent filtration, polyester washable in water
  Filtering Class Material Air Permeability (m3/h per m2) Weight (g/m2) Efficiency
Filter H H13 Polyester + PTFE 140 260 0,1µ : 99,988%
Filter M ALU M Antistatic Polyester  722 260 0,3µ : 49%
Filter M M Polyester  722 260 0,3µ : 49%

Like any other AVOL fan, the IFCC-MC® Cyclones can be completely customized in any construction details (flanges, inlets, hoses, joints, dampers, etc.).


The fan works at the maximum performance with one inlet Ø 200 or two inlets Ø 150 or four inlets Ø 120. 
It is strongly recommended to strictly follow the filter maintenance instructions, otherwise 
the performance of the machine and the life of the filter cannot be guaranteed.