Soundproof Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC

Soundproof Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC
Soundproof Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC schema
Tecnical Data
  • Motor: 2 pole - 2800RPM
  • Power: KW 3 - HP 4
  • Volt: 230 / 400 HZ-50/60
  • Absorption: A. 11 / 6,3
  • Impeller: Ø 360 aluminium open radial blades
  • Weight: 194 Kg
Suction Data
  • Pressure: 200 mmH20 - 1961 Pa
  • Air Speed: 32 m/s
  • Flowrate: 4100 m3/h
  • Noise: 73 dB
  • Two inlets Ø 150 
  • Switch 
  • Swivelling wheels 
  • Two cartridge filters to be chosen between 4 options, different for filtration class:
  • inlets Ø 120-200
  • semi-automated cleaning system for cartridge filter 

All models can be equipped with filters with different efficiency, according to the production needs and the required levels of purification of the air returned to the environment:

  • Filter H, absolute filtration, made of polyester and Teflon, complies with the European regulations on air purification in the working environment
  • Filter E, very high filtering power, made of polyester plus a Teflon membrane, suitable for sticky or damp materials that tend to clog the filter
  • Filter M Antistatic, excellent filtration, aluminized polyester washable with water
  • Filter M, excellent filtration, polyester washable in water
  Filtering Class Material Air Permeability (m3/h per m2) Weight (g/m2) Efficiency
Filter H H13 Polyester + PTFE 140 260 0,1µ : 99,988%
Filter E E11 Polyester + PTFE 288 270 0,4µ: 99,2%
Filter M ALU M Antistatic Polyester  722 260 0,3µ : 49%
Filter M M Polyester  722 260 0,3µ : 49%

Like any other AVOL fan, the IFCC-MC Cyclones can be completely customized in any construction details (flanges, inlets, hoses, joints, dampers, etc.).

* patent pending

The extractor works at the maximum performance with one inlet Ø 200 or two inlets Ø 150 or four inlets Ø 120. 
It is strongly recommended to strictly follow the filter maintenance instructions, otherwise 
the performance of the machine and the life of the filter cannot be guaranteed.