We have different types of filters that we use on our extractors according to the application:

  • cartridge filters: high efficiency filters in polyester in filtering class M also antistatic aluminized, high efficiency filters in polyester + Teflon in class E11 and absolute filters, also in polyester + Teflon, in class H13; used in cyclone extractors to avoid any dust leakage and the purification of the air returned to the environment.
  • fabric bag filters: used in small fans to collect low volumes of suctioned material;
  • activated carchoal filters: in custom cartridges or containers, for the elimination of odours in the suction of fumes and vapours.
  • special filters : filters for special applications (oil, oil mist)



To regulate the air flow rate on individual fans or in plant ducts, we supply manual, pneumatic or electropneumatic dampers for partializing and closing the passages:

  • butterfly shutters
  • guillotine
  • iris
  • manual, built to measure and mounted on custom applications



Each machine, system or environment in which a fan is used has air inlets or outlets of different shapes and sizes.

All our fans can be equipped with customised inlets, tailor-made to suit the specific application

Technical specifications

PowerVoltsRPMAbsorptionPressureAir Flow