For each application, we use the most suitable impeller to maximize the performance and working efficiency of the fan.

For the materiasl suction product line, we use open-blade die-cast aluminium impellers produced on an exclusive and proprietary mould, capable of developing the pressure necessary for the complete suction of the waste material and guaranteeing an important air-flow at the same time.

Where necessary, we build custom-made impellers in steel, also stainless steel or galvanized, with welded open blades, straight, forward or backward.

All impellers are balanced internally to reduce vibrations, noise and excessive workloads on the engine shafts as much as possible.

For the air replacement and movement product line, we employ multi-blade impellers (forward squirrel cage blades) or backward blades that guarantee high air flow rates at low or medium pressure.

Finally, for the ventilation line we choose axial impellers with blades of specific dimensions and profiles for each peculiar use.

Technical specifications

PowerVoltsRPMAbsorptionPressureAir Flow