Tv Series Fans

TV Series fans are used in all situations that require the treatment of pure air or air contaminated with particles not larger than 1000μm and can be manufactured for use on individual workstations, in combination with machines (with on-board installation or independent with pedestals and bases) or in centralized systems.

The sectors and applications are many, from cooling and heating (combined with heating elements), to the creation of vacuum, to the elimination of air contaminated by impurities created during production processes (vapor and fume).

All models, depending on the specific application, are equipped with multi-blade impellers (forward blades, squirrel cage blades) or backward blades that guarantee high air flow rates at low or medium pressure.

The carbon steel carpentry is optimized to maximize the performance of the fan and can also be supplied galvanized or stainless steel and resistant to high temperatures.

Each fan can be completely customized in different configurations with three-phase or single-phase motor, at 2800 or 1400 RPM, with inverter, switches, dampers, nozzles and any other accessory according to the working need.

Technical specifications

PowerVoltsRPMAbsorptionPressureAir Flow
TTHP 0,16 - Kw 0,12230/40028000,8/0,6 A20mm H2O250 m3/h
TVHP 0,16 - Kw 0,12230/40028000,8/0,6 A31mm H2O510 m3/h
TV160HP 0,5 - Kw 0,37230/40028002/1,2 A45mm H2O1000 m3/h
TVA200 - 1400 rpmHP 0,5 - Kw 0,37230/40014002/1,2 A30mm H2O1200 m3/h
TVA200 - 2800 rpmHP 1,5 - Kw 1,1230/40028005/2,2 A85mm H2O2100 m3/h
TVA240HP 1 - Kw 0,75230/40014003,5/2 A40mm H2O1600 m3/h
TVA280HP 2 - Kw 1,5230/40014003,5/2 A65mm H2O3620 m3/h
TVA330HP 3 - Kw 2230/40014005,4/3,7 A70mm H2O5000 m3/h
TVA380HP 4 - Kw 3230/400140013,3/7,7 A120mm H2O8910 m3/h


TT 1801653006780658070235
TV 220230370100100105100105260
TV160 300235375120120140120110320
TVA200 - 1400 rpm 360320470140140160140130335
TVA200 - 2800 rpm 360320470140140160140130355
TVA240 440350600200160185160150390
TVA280 460420700240220210220220475
TVA330 600520740280220230220220500
TVA380 630560930330250270250220525

* M and N dimension available with custom measures.