Suction bins

The F Series of suction bins includes four models of dust and chip extractors for any material (wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass, etc.).

The first advantage of the bins is that, unlike a usual extractor, the suctioned material does not pass through the impeller. This allows the suction of long scrap (e.g., belt or welt trims) and keeps the impeller always intact and clean.

The second, is the absence of an external filter (bag or cartridge), replaced by a less invasive and bulky internal filter.

The disposal of the suctioned residues is extremely simple, just remove the suction unit and empty the container below.

For heavy dusts the bin can be used dry in this way, while for finer dusts and all metal workings that may produce sparks it is recommended to add water in the container. The quantity of water to be used is regulated by a special levelling device and the disposal of the waste occurs, like for dry use, by emptying the container.

Cleaning the bin is furtherly facilitated in the model with extractable drawer: in this case, it is not even necessary to remove the suction unit, but only to extract and empty the drawer.

Each version is equipped with swivel wheels for easy movement and a standard inlet that can be customized on request with adapters of different size, also two-ways, respecting the volumetric suction ratios.

Technical specifications

PowerVoltsRPMAbsorptionPressureAir Flow
Suction Bin F1HP 0,16 - Kw 0,12230/40028000,8 / 0,6 A95mm H2O360 m3/h
Suction Bin F2HP 0,50 - Kw 0,50230/40028002 / 1,2 A120mm H2O960 m3/h
Suction Bin F3HP 1,5 - Kw 1,1230/40028005 / 2,2 A150mm H2O1700 m3/h
Suction Bin F4HP 4 - Kw 3230/400280011 / 6,3 A200mm H2O3100 m3/h