Ap Series Extractors

The AP Series extractors are ideal for conveying air containing material and find application in a wide range of sectors for suction of dust, sawdust, chips, metal and plastic shavings, leather scraps, glass splinters, waste materials and agricultural processing.

They can be used independently for low quantities of suctioned material or together with external bins (containers, bins, silos, etc.) in case of very bulky waste.

Equipped with die-cast aluminium impellers produced on an exclusive and proprietary mould or, where needed, steel or stainless steel impellers made to measure, they develop the required pressure for the complete suction of the waste material while guaranteeing significant air volumes.

The carbon steel carpentry is optimized to maximize the performance of the extractor and can be supplied also galvanized or in stainless steel, reinforced for special uses and always made according to the specific application, ready for both on-board installation and for use independently with special pedestals and bases.

All models can be completely customized in different configurations with three-phase or single-phase motor, at 2800 or 1400 rpm, with inverters, switches, dampers, nozzles and any other accessory as required.

Technical specifications

PowerVoltsRPMAbsorptionPressureAir Flow
AP160HP 0,16 - Kw 0,12230/40028000,8/0,6 A55mm H2O200 m3/h
AP220HP 0,16 - Kw 0,12230/40028000,8/0,6 A65mm H2O250 m3/h
AP240HP 0,50 - Kw 0,37230/40028002/1,2 A95mm H2O1000 m3/h
AP250HP 0,16 - Kw 0,12230/40028000,8/0,6 A80mm H2O485 m3/h
AP280HP 0,50 - Kw 0,37230/40028002/1,2 A110mm H2O545 m3/h
AP280 Double ImpellerHP 0,5 - Kw 0,37230/400 28002/1,2 A130mm H2O550 m3/h
AP280/2HP 0,50 - Kw 0,37230/40028002/1,2 A90mm H2O1550 m3/h
AP300HP 1,5 - Kw 1,1230/40028005 / 2,2 A160mm H2O2100 m3/h
AP360HP 4 - Kw 3230/400280011/6,3 A200mm H2O3500 m3/h


AP160 2452203209080708070235
AP220 280-30012080608060220
AP240 340330460150120120120100310
AP250 330310-120-607060225
AP280 360330-100-607060270
AP280 Double Impeller 360330-100-607060270
AP280/2 40037050015012013012090295
AP300 470400560150140140140125360
AP360 570500650200180160180160460

* M and N dimension available with custom measures.