over 45 years of tailor-made solutions for industrial suction

Since 1975 we've been designing and manufacturing fans that ensure the full functionality of machinery and systems and the safety and cleanliness of work environments.

Removal of processing waste and air purification are essential to ensure high production efficiency and to protect the health of people working in artisan and industrial contexts.
For this, from the first original laboratory and passing through several company restructuring, we have developed and consolidated a wide range of solutions for suctioning and conveying air, fumes, dust, chips, processing exhaust and debris of any type of material.

Thanks to our long experience in this business, we can offer our customers a 360° technical advice; at the same time, the unchanged craft vocation guarantees us the flexibility to customize each model in all its aspects, thus solving any application problem: a solution for every need!

Power and characteristics of the motor, design, dimensions and construction materials of the case, elements of carpentry, a wide range of silent and high efficiency impellers: everything is designed and optimized for specific customer needs.


We manifacture and sell directly:

  • low, medium and high-pressure centrifugal fans
  • single or double filter cyclones, soundproofed when needed
  • dry and water vacuum bins
  • axial fans
  • extractor hoods
  • extraction towers
  • carpentry elements (flanges, inlets, pipes, fittings, reductions, shutters, etc.)


Our solutions are used in multiple fields:

Air Handling and Purification

  • air circulation
  • welding and combustion fume
  • paint, glue, and solvent fume and vapor
  • inert and explosive gas
  • dry and wet powder

Materials Conveying

  • dust and chips of leather, wood, metal, plastic, rubber, and many more material
  • leather scrap and swarf
  • organic material waste