Helicoidal fans

The range of axial fans is used in many sectors and applications where it is necessary to move high volumes of air at low pressure, such as ventilation and circulation of air in sheds, warehouses, stables and, in general, large closed environments, or cooling of machinery.

Made of steel, also galvanized or stainless steel, they are equipped with high efficiency impellers with blades of different material and aerodynamic profile according to the specific application.

The standard construction is open, but all models can be supplied with a tube case or with frame, also with gravity dampers.

The standard models have flow rates from 2000 to 7.500 m3/h with pressures up to 260mmH2O, but it is possible to design tailor-made solutions, applicable to wall, ceiling, window or specific industrial applications.

Technical specifications

PowerVoltsRPMAbsorptionPressureAir Flow
Helicoidal 300HP 0,10 - Kw 0,075220/38014000,7 / 0,45 A5mm H2O1150 m3/h
Helicoidal 400HP 0,35 - Kw 0,28220/38014001,8 / 1 A9mm H2O2820 m3/h
Helicoidal 500HP 0,5 - Kw 0,37220/38014002 / 1,2 A11mm H2O4240 m3/h
Helicoidal 600HP 0,75 - Kw 1220/38014003,5 / 2 A17mm H2O5770 m3/h


Helicoidal 300 31539524033533510
Helicoidal 400 42049825547047515
Helicoidal 500 52560027056056515
Helicoidal 600 61570027066066015