IFCC-MC Series Cyclone Extractors

In the processing of leather, plastic, wood, metal, stone and other types of materials, the current cyclone extraction systems for separating and collecting scraps use a fabric bag filter that lead to several issues: the working place is often full of dust coming out of the bag, the air is contaminated and incompatible with the last health regulations ,bag cleaning is cumbersome and produces more dirt resulting in infrequent and poor maintenance and scarcely efficient machines.
Furthermore, they are quite noisy and very bulky at sight, "ugly to see".

The new IFCC-MC® Series patented models provide a solution to the drawbacks of the traditional cyclones by using a cartridge filter placed directly inside the cyclone and a special material conveyor:

  • + HEALTH
      Filter bags are the main source of working space pollution, both because of their low filtering efficiency and for the scarce maintenance they usually receive; the IFCC-MC® system employs cartridge filters placed directly inside the cyclone that help the filtered material to fall directly into the collection bag.
      The internal filter reduces the noise of the suctioned air with respect to external bags.
      Absolute efficiency HEPA filters (H13/H14 filtering class) can be chosen, compliant to the most stringent healthy regulations.
      The special spiral conveyor inside the cyclone forces the suctioned material to remain inside the collector bag , so minimising the dust going back up to the filter. In combination to that, the cartridge is fully inside the internal wall of the conveyor and thus furtherly protected. The result is a less contaminated filter, less maintenance, less replacements, and a higher and longer suctioning efficiency of the machine.
      No need to disassemble any pieces, it is enough to blow compressed air into the main hole of the filter to have the dust fall into the collector bag; from time to time, for deeper cleansing, the filter can be easily pulled out of its placement by simply twisting off the three locking knobs to rinse with water (M, E and H filters) or wipe dust out (L).
      All the components are inside the cyclone, resulting in more room for working and a clearer working space.

The IFCC-MC® system is supplied as independent cyclone with a basement or directly applicable to any machine through customized flanges and connections.

Technical specifications

PowerVoltsRPMAbsorptionPressureAir Flow
Cyclone B1 IFCC-MC?®HP 0,5 - Kw 0,37230/40028002 / 1,2 A120mm H2O975 m3/h
Cyclone C1 IFCC-MC®HP 1,5 - Kw 1,1230/40028005 / 2,2 A160mm H2O2100 m3/h
Cyclone C1 IFCC-MC® SoundproofHP 1,5 - Kw 1,1230/40028005 / 2,2 A160mm H2O2100 m3/h
Cyclone C1S IFCC-MC®HP 3 - Kw 2,2230/40028007,96 / 4,6 A135mm H2O3600 m3/h
Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC®HP 4 - Kw 3230/400280011 / 6,3 A200mm H2O4100 m3/h
Soundproof Cyclone C2 IFCC-MC®HP 4 - Kw 3230/400280011 / 6,3 A200mm H2O4100 m3/h

All models must be equipped with filters with different efficiency**, according to the production needs and the required levels of purification of the air returned to the environment:
** filter cost is calculated based on the type chosen

  • Filter H, absolute filtration, made of polyester and Teflon, complies with the European regulations on air purification in the working environment
  • Filter M Antistatic, excellent filtration, aluminized polyester washable with water
  • Filter M, excellent filtration, polyester washable in water
  Filtering Class Material Air Permeability (m3/h per m2) Weight (g/m2) Efficiency
Filter H H13 Polyester + PTFE 140 260 0,1µ : 99,988%
Filter M ALU M Antistatic Polyester  722 260 0,3µ : 49%
Filter M M Polyester  722 260 0,3µ : 49%

Like any other AVOL fan, the IFCC-MC® Cyclones can be completely customized in any construction details (flanges, inlets, hoses, joints, dampers, etc.).